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What are the technical difficulties in producing progressive stamping dies?
The technical difficulties in producing progressive stamping dies include the following aspects:
1.Die structure design: The structure of the progessive stamping die is relatively complex, and issues such as transmission and positioning between various workstations need to be considered, as well as factors such as the rigidity, stability and the die.
2.Cutting Tool Manufacturing: Progressive dies require the use of multiple cutting tools, some of which require special operations such as broaching, slotting, etc. Manufacturing these cutting tools requires high-precision machine tools and technology to ensure that the dimensions, accuracy and surface quality of the tools are as required.
3.Part Machining and Assembly: Progressive stamping dies contain multiple components that require precision machining and assembly.In the processing and assembly of parts, a high level of technology and experience are required to ensure the accuracy and stability of the world.
4.Mold debugging: The debugging progessive of progressive stamping dies is relatively complicated, and each workstation needs to be fine-tuned to ensure the accuracy and stability of parts processing. In addition, the debugging process also needs to adjust the pressure, speed, lubrication and other parameters of the mold to ensure the normal operation of the mold.
5.Die maintenance: Progressive stamping dies have a long service life and require regular care and maintenance. During the mold maintenance process, the mold needs to be cleaned, lubricated, and worn parts replaced to ensure the performance and life of the mold.
To sum up, the production of progressive stamping dies requires a high level of technology and experience, involving multiple aspects of manufacturing, processing, debugging and maintenance, so it is a highly technically difficult field.

What is the difference between progressive stamping die and simplex die?
The main difference between progressive stamping dies and single-process dies is the number of processive steps required in the production process and the process method.
Progressive stamping dies typically contain multiple workstations, each of which performs a different processing step, such as punching, shearing, bending, etc. During the production process, the metal material will be processed step by step through various workstations, each workstation completes a step, and finally the entire part is formed at the exit of the mold. This kind of mold has the advantages of high production efficiency and high degree of automation, and is suitable for large-volume and high-precision production needs.
The single-process mold contains only one workstation and can only perform a specific processing step, such as punching or shearing. This kind of mold is suitable for production needs that require simple and repeated processing, and is suitable for occasions where small batch production or parts are diversified.
In general, progressive stamping dies are suitable for high-volume, high-precision production requirements, while single-process dies are suitable for small-batch or diversified production requirements.